Thursday, 22 May 2014

A sneak peak...

A tiny snippet from the sequel (as yet unnamed) to "Fae - The Wild Hunt". I'm posting this to celebrate hitting 500 likes on that Facebook thingy... but mostly because I kind of like this section.

   She stood carefully, “Let me get this little beast into bed and I'll be back,” she paused at the doorway, looking back over her shoulder at the drink in his hand. “Get me one of those while I'm gone, I think I'm going to need it.”
   The trip up the climbed the stairs was a slow and cautious one, practice allowing her to avoid those steps that creaked. He was a good baby but he was a light sleeper and she'd quickly learned to avoid noises. She laid him down into the cradle, pulling the light blanket over him. The sun had almost set, just a sliver remaining above the silvery horizon as it sank into the seas. The stars were slowly becoming visible through the thin clouds. 
   Ylsriss moved to the window and stared out over the city towards the harbour, her thoughts far across the ocean as she glanced back at the baby for a moment. Voices from the kitchen brought her back to herself and she turned to the doorway. She didn't look at the rooftop opposite Rhavin's house. It would have taken sharp eyes indeed to have picked out the figure crouched low beside the chimney. As the last light of the sun faded, the green-tinged mist rising from its shoulders was just visible below the burning amber eyes. Eyes that had watched so intently as she lay the baby down.

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